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Specialized company in grinding, satin finish and polishing

Our company is specialized in grinding, satin finish and mirror finish polishing of stainless steel, aluminium, zamak, brass and copper and works in this territory since 40 years.These processings are realized both manually and through the aid of 3 automated machineries; these ones allow to carry out standard treatments and enable our company to finish orders with a great number of pieces to process. Our 2 stainless ball buffing machines integrate our machine inventory. These are useful for orange peel  polishing, less refined in comparison to our standard processing but far more low cost. We finally complete our machineries with one for barrel finishing with a capacity of 600 litre, used for the removal of the residues of the substrate, especially burr, due to processing such as fusion for example. Finally, we are able to carry out pickling process, realized by using 3 specific tanks. Through these tanks the stainless steel will get back a significant metallographic structure lost during the previous processing. Reliability, deliveries of the orders on time and especially the quality and accuracy of the finish of our processing are the characteristics that distinguish us.

PDS METALLI - 2017- P.D.S srl  CF e P.IVA  IT03793270400 - Italy
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